Not much comes out in Latvia of Russian books on the history of the Baltic States, especially military history, so meeting with Melkonov on the eve of Victory Day promises to be particularly interesting.

Latvian writer and publicist Yuri Melkonov, a graduate of the Moscow aviation Institute, is the author of "Batteries of Moonzund", "Guns of Courland coast", "Wing with a red star", etc., a publisher of military history journal "Baltfort" and the author of many publications on the history of the Navy and coastal artillery of the Baltic sea.

"Far cruising flight" is a continuation of the book "Riga "Boston" and tells about a Soviet bomber A-20 "Boston", found at the bottom of the Gulf of Riga in June 2008. The plane of the 1st guards mine and torpedo regiment of the Baltic fleet did not return from combat mission on 27 November 1943. The book tells about finding the names of the crew members, flight and combat mission, traced the fate of the pilots. A separate story about the fate of Latvian fishermen who rescued the pilots from the water after the crash. And all the five fishermen, participants of salvation, received in 1945, for 10 years of Stalin's camps. Of special interest is the biography of the commander of the guards captain P. V. He, who in 1943 was promoted to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union in 247 sorties. The name He named the school in his native village of turivka in Tambov. The bomber found at the bottom of the Gulf of Riga in June 2008, opened a page in the history of naval warfare on the Baltic sea.