How notes portal InfoLiepaja, police went to the residence of the child. The conversation with the mother of these children was clear that she was to be in a state of intoxication: a woman could not clearly answer questions. During a call, heard the baby crying.

The apartment turned out and a drunken father. The apartment had a strong smell of alcohol and cigarettes, everywhere lay the bottles of alcohol scattered clothes and dirt everywhere. With that in mind, the decision was made to withdraw children from the family. Child 2016 R. was taken to the care centre "Kurzeme", and the girl born 2009 was delivered in the Liepaja children's home.

When checking parents, in the mother's blood alcohol was detected — to 3.89 ppm, the father — of 3.38 ppm. The parents made the administrative record, the information is sent to the Orphan's court.