On Friday the country will cross a wide atmospheric front, which within a week will arrive the cold Arctic air masses. This writes the news Agency BNS with reference to the weather forecasts.

Saturday will be comparatively warm, the temperature will rise to 5.. 10 degrees, but in the night of Friday is expected cold atmospheric front.

Friday night the temperature will fall to 0.. 4 degrees in the North Vidzeme -2 degrees. In Vidzeme and Latgale occasional snowfall. Day air is not significantly heated, because with gusty North North-West wind in Latvia will continue to receive cool air. In some places, mainly in the East with occasional snowfalls.

During the weekend will drop even stronger. At night the temperature will drop to -2..-7 degrees in some places in the East up to -10 degrees, and the daytime is expected -2.. 3 degrees.

In many areas, snowfall is expected, mainly on Saturday.

In most parts of the country formed a snow cover, in places the height of snow cover up to five centimeters.

Friday's expected strong gusty Northern, North-Western wind speed of gusts up to 13-18 meters per second. During the weekend the wind dies down.

Such weather conditions will persist until the middle of next week. In Vidzeme and Latgale is expected cold weather, at night, up to -10 degrees, in Kurzeme and Zemgale in the afternoon the air temperature will rise a few degrees above zero.

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