Under the post, which is less than a day collected more than 270 thousand likes, has hundreds of ironic comments with an offer to earn extra money. Thus, in the opinion of the users to cope with multi-million dollar debt Vacca will help work mate, a janitor, a taxi driver, a dance teacher and a cashier in McDonald's. "You have a job, little pay, but the bread and water is enough" promising assured one of the trolls.

Some began to openly rejoice at the arrest of property of millionaire, noting that now Wakka will dance to the viral track Despacito on the street with a broom in his hands. "Not long fraer danced," said one of the users.

In turn, Twitter users had hoped that the incident with owner of "right brain" to his young fans. "It would be great if along with the mansions and the yacht he took to Instagram and," dreaming the user with the nickname Ri_Ghetto.

Earlier it was reported that the assets of Vacca in the amount of EUR 10 million were arrested for non-payment of the loan to the Bank Banco BPM. In total, the sum of its debts is estimated at 60 million euros, while it owns assets in 28 million.

Thanks to the rousing dances and demonstrations of a beautiful life of Vacca became the star of Instagram with 10-million audience. Subscribers call it "the dancing millionaire" and "disposition".

The richness of the 50-year-old entrepreneur is connected with the business of his family which controls the company Industria Macchine Automatiche (IMA): allegedly he is paid five million euros a year for the fact that he did not interfere in the management.