According to him, the tasks assigned to the Russian Ministry of defense.

The locations of Russian military in Syria - the Tartus naval and aviation at the airport Hamim – will, according to Putin, "to function as usual".

Russian service Bi-bi-si has turned to Western and Russian experts and asked them to comment on this decision of the Russian leadership. What tasks put before him Putin, from the Russian campaign in Syria, and can we talk about how to perform these tasks?

Jonathan Marcus, diplomatic observer bi-Bi-si

In fact, Vladimir Putin said: we can go now. The Russian military has carried out the main part of their tasks, and, as Putin said, you can now begin to output the "main part" of the Russian contingent.

However, he stressed that Syria remains a Russian naval base in Tartus and air base at the airport Hamim, so that on complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria.

A surprise announcement of Vladimir Putin coincided with the beginning of a new round of peace talks on Syria in Geneva that once again demonstrates how the Russian President is successful at striking a diplomatic gesture.

Russia in Syria – about 30 combat aircraft and a small ground contingent, carrying out their protection, as well as a number of military advisers and commandos, working with the Syrian military.

Russian intervention in the Syrian conflict has reached main goals: Moscow strengthened the position of Bashar al-Assad, helped his troops to take control of several strategically important areas and has ensured that Assad remains a factor in any negotiations for the settlement of the conflict in Syria.

Igor Sutyagin, senior research fellow at the Royal United services Institute for defence studies, RUSI

My first reaction is that perhaps ran out of money. Second, as it relates to the first, it may be a blackmail attempt.

The original plan, as you remember, was that Russia would be absolutely indispensable player, it is absolutely necessary partner, and all Russia's sins will be forgiven.

This did not happen. And to achieve this it is necessary, because there is no money, the situation worsens. Therefore it is necessary to increase the pressure.

And I suppose that one of the elements of the current plan "B" could be that we leave now, everyone realizes how great it was with us, how bad we will come back to us, will be to beg, but we demand already high price.

But it's not the most convenient time for the withdrawal of troops. Remember: a month ago, maybe even less, last time he said our troops will be based there until complete victory over terrorism in Syria. Now it will remember and ask: how an "Islamic state" has already ended? What do you have left?

So I think that goes not because this is such a good point, but because forced to do so.

The planes that are in Syria, practically should be written off. But where does one get new? Pilots had to teach, have spent a lot of money...

But the base remains there forever, so they can come back at any time. That's when a little more ships in the Mediterranean sea, these ships are new reincarnation of the Fifth operational squadron is desirable to have air cover, that they would go back.

Base on perpetuity, the agreement was signed in August, released two weeks ago.

Gleb Pavlovsky, political scientist

I think this was preceded by matching on multiple lines and with the United States and Damascus.

In General, the issue is, how carefully it is written, that the withdrawal. It is unclear what will happen at the same time. It is unlikely that it was simply a retreat. We are talking about trying to return to cooperative behavior in Syria. Apparently, that was supposed to be discussed, as I understand it, primarily with the United States.

Because, indeed, in the former case, Russia was no one bound by the player and paid what no one with her could not and did not want to negotiate. This is an unfortunate situation, and it's addictive [Russia] further in Syria's Affairs, farther than Putin was going to, of course.

Now there is a really opportunity to participate in the orchestra, which, of course, will be very difficult to create, very difficult to maintain, but now there is the possibility in principle of this, which was not before.

While some of the objectives were actually achieved, including the military. The Syrian army partially fortified, although the efforts of not only Russia, but also the efforts of Iran. Now Putin is sending a positive signal inside the country. That's what was going to happen and desirable, if this had happened last year, we have a rather quick exit.

But Russia always on the watch are very difficult for us pouting the art of de-escalation. We are well able to increase the escalation, but hardly retreating. If this time we will see something else, it will be a good signal, because then might talk about Ukraine and where to get out of the viscous deadlock, you must take the first step. Kiev clearly cannot do.

I don't think I will be charged the idea of strengthening the Russian base and maybe its expansion in Syria. I think Putin wants a situation where he can more safely engage the service of internal problems. Because inside Russia the situation is difficult. As always happens in these cases, the words of international politics turned into a symbol of internal failures and irritation of the population.

We go towards elections, and the word Syria is starting to sound even supporters of Putin are almost as irritable as ever was heard of Afghanistan. He wants to avoid it. I'd like to think that this is the correct calculation of the political situation. I don't have sufficient arguments to assert that this is true, and not some zigzag in the game, which can lead to a new escalation.

It is very important that Moscow had acted - at least in Syria - along with other members of the Western coalition. So the performance is more or less delivered, completed and then it will be too expensive.

Now Putin has the ability to get relatively some profit, relatively nice, particularly since, paradoxically, was expecting the worst. If he's coming out now, it will be a gesture of restraint. So it seems to me that it's coming out with a profit, because, like it or not, we have become a country that is present in the middle East, and most importantly not from the point of view of the world press, and from the point of view of those who live there - local States. Because the return is also possible. Therefore, I think any result is achieved. You can talk about the strategic result.

I was afraid that the result will be strategic to waste your time on PR-productions, which can be infinite in the middle East and end is always very bad for all. But if Putin was able to stop, and it speaks well about his condition, and his ability to assess the situation.