The most influential EU States Politico calls Germany, Britain, France, and Italy. Because the analysis took into account and the candidate countries, on the fifth place in popularity in Europe Politico puts Turkey, whose Prime Minister in connection with the migration crisis was invited to the last few meetings of the European Parliament.

In sixth place rating according to Politico is Hungary, whose Prime Minister Viktor Orban, with its clear strategy could become much more influential than assume the magnitude of that state. In seventh place — presiding now in the EU, the Netherlands, on the eighth — Denmark ninth — Sweden, on the tenth — Poland.

Finland occupies the 12th, Portugal — 20-e, Cyprus — 22-e a place.

The least influential in Europe Macedonia (32nd place), Montenegro (31) Croatia (30-e), Luxembourg (29-e), Bulgaria (28th) and Romania (27th).

As Politico predicts, the influence of Britain and France could decline, and Italy and Turkey - to grow.