The parents of the baby called the police to assess the responsibility of persons involved in the supply and heated water. The particular person who committed negligence, shall be established.

As reported, the Center for the prevention and control of diseases confirmed that the water supply in an apartment house in Aizkraukle spread of Legionella bacteria. The disease is diagnosed in a child living on Lacplesa street, 9. Bacteria found in the basement pipes, and in the same apartment. Signals from other tenants about the possible infection is not obtained.

Just at the moment three cases of legionellosis this year found in Riga, in Vidzeme and Zemgale suburb, one in the Kurzeme and Central regions. Last year there were 24 cases of Legionella.

The Ministry of health has developed proposals for the regulations which provide for the obligation of managers of residential homes to provide internal water pipes houses the hot water of a certain temperature. The temperature of hot water in the apartments must not be below 55 degrees, and the temperature of cold water — below 20 degrees. Also the managers will have to ensure constant circulation of hot water and insulation of water pipes and tanks.

To prevent disease residents with legionellosis, control houses will have to conduct regular inspection of the condition of internal water systems and prevent risk factors.

In turn, in case of detection in the water system of a residential building bacteria the Manager will be obliged to immediately notify the tenants and to advise on measures to be taken to prevent the risk of infection.