By 2018 it is planned to provide support for 19 thousand unemployed aged 15 to 29.

Most often, young people are faced with unemployment due to insufficient level of education — only 16% are involved in the activities of the project employment of the unemployed have higher education. 32% of the young unemployed had vocational secondary, 26% — secondary, 23% — basic education, 3% education level below primary.

As noted at the press conference, the Minister of welfare Janis Reirs, the project "Youth guarantee" helps to break the vicious circle when a young man can't get a job because he has no experience, and the experience he can not get, since can not find work.

In Latvia the project "Youth guarantee" was so successful that the EU has suspended further funding because it is provided for EU countries, where youth unemployment is above the average in the EU. In Latvia unemployment dropped to 18%, which is below the average in the EU, reminded rars.

The project will continue at the national level, i.e. funding will be allocated from the state budget, as it is very important for Latvia, he added.

The total financing of the project "Youth guarantee" in 2014-2018 is 33,977 million Euro from 2014 to the first half of 2017 for the project was sent 21,781 million euros, representing 64% of the budget "Molding guarantees".