Farm club "Vancouver" came to the fourth match of the series, being on the verge of departure (score in the series was 1-2). On the ice the team the Spotlight've lost the game (3:6) and finished the season.

Latvian striker in this game, two shot, received a minor penalty and earned a negative coefficient usefulness "-2". In four games in the series Canines scored two assists, and in the regular championship of the AHL scored 23 (5 18) points in 41 games.

This summer Ronald Canines to become a free agent, and yet must join the national team, which next week will start at the world Championships in Moscow.

Another Latvian striker Nikita Avalov in the "San Jose Barracuda" while continuing to fight for the Cup Calder. However, in the last match his team lost "on the Rhine" (1:3) and now plays in a series to three victories with the score 1-2. Avalov in the last game scoring one throw and a negative result "-2".