The purpose of the ball to draw attention to what is happening in Latvia charitable events and culture of ballroom dancing and etiquette. The charity ball will match classic ballroom traditions, therefore he is expected to be in tuxedos or dark suits and ladies in evening gowns. About dance music will take care of chamber ensemble Raimonda Ozola and orchestra "Mirāža". At the ball will be a gala dinner, all attendees can raise a glass of champagne at midnight, meeting the anniversary of the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Latvia.

The patroness and mistress of the Charity ball, which cares about preserving and maintaining its traditions, is the former President of Latvia, Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

This is a unique opportunity not only to meet interesting people and participate in a charity event a beautiful city, but also to honor those who 150 years ago invested their energy, money and heart, combining the Riga Latvian society, which subsequently took a huge part in the struggle for Latvia's independence. All money raised is traditionally the victim of the Riga Latvian society. Through Charity balls and raised funds for night lighting panel Janis Rosenthal, great flagpoles above the entrance to the Riga Latvian society, wrought-iron railings to stairs and a project for the reconstruction of the lobby.

In order to participate in a Charity ball, does not need to be a member of charity club at the ball everyone is invited!

Before the meeting in the Riga Latvian society on Thursday, 17 November at 18:00, because at 19:00 gala opening tonight with a festive Polonaise.

More information: and the duty of the Riga Latvian society.