From 28 April to 27 may, the Riga audience will be able to see on the big screen "Moscow House" such legendary productions as "Gori, Gori Moya Zvezda" (Alisa Freundlich), "Passionate and sympathetic contemplation" (Maxim Sukhanov), "the Temptations", "Gaulle" and "the Doctor in spite of himself".

The participants of the shows - the Moscow theatre "the Cherry orchard", the Moscow theatre Veniamin Smekhov and St.-Petersburg theatre on Foundry. Read more about the performances - here.

The program of the FESTIVAL "THEATRE MOSCOW" (demonstration performances on the big screen, "House of Moscow")

28 APR at 19.00 - the "Temptations". Comedy, Goethe, the Moscow theatre "the Cherry orchard"

29 APR at 19.00 - "Gaulle". Drama, N.In. Gogol, St. Petersburg theatre on Foundry

13 may, 19.00 - "Passionate and sympathetic contemplation" on the play by M. Kurochkin's "My master". Film of TV channel "Culture"

20 may at 19.00 - "the Doctor in spite of himself". Comedy by J. B. Moliere, the Film is a performance of the Moscow theater of Benjamin Smekhova

27 may at 19.00 - "burn, burn, my star". Solo Performance A. Freundlich

Tickets can be purchased at the box office "Moscow House", at the ticket office Bilešu Serviss and The price of 7 EUR. When you buy tickets at the box office "Moscow House" for 5 performances and more, the ticket price is 5 euros.