The love story of William and Kate can seem a real fairy tale in which an ordinary girl from an ordinary family becomes a part of the Royal family, one of the celestials, one of the Windsor clan. The public and the public see a beautiful card so elegant wedding, sweet Princess, available and open, her beautiful relationship with her husband-Prince, and, as a result, emerged two cute baby-little angel. And how can you resist and not to succumb to the charms of this marvellous story?

It should be noted that involuntarily all compare Kate to Princess Diana. With the woman who had so vainly tried to become a member of this closed and uptight English family, and which it did not.

But, apparently all the same something has changed since then. After all, how are William and Kate, their attitudes, behavior, gestures, facial expressions and all what we see will not allow us to doubt that the basis of their relationship — the good and the friendship strong and deep and sincere feeling. They look really happy.

Kate and William met while studying, about ten years ago, and since then, has already experienced a lot. They broke up in 2007, and then came together again to never be separated. And in 2011, they held their Grand wedding, which was a witness to the whole world. Then our eyes were born two of their lovely offspring — the Princess Charlotte and Prince George. And all this without the typical for the British crown Royal scandals and intrigues. How they did it?