At the moment when the driver noticed the police crew who had to fix the speeding, he was sharply evaporated on the brakes, but soon realized and tried to catch the passenger seat. And behind the wheel tried to move the woman, who at the time of the violations was sitting in the passenger seat.

The man repeatedly came into the view of police for gross violation of traffic Rules. The driver was previously deprived of the right to manage transport.

The first time it was deprived of its rights in 2006 after the control of the machine in a state of intoxication. Then in 2010, the man caused an accident in Gulbene, and the scene of an accident he escaped.

Twice he was stopped by police, but he refused to be tested for alcohol content in the body.

Another incident occurred in November 2013. The speeder was stopped in Riga on Matisa street, he drove the motorcycle Yamaxa without a license. And again refused to undergo an examination on the content of alcohol in the blood.