When the police arrived at the scene, the woman with the baby began to run away from the crew. Running away, she almost dropped the baby. When the police caught up with the woman, took the baby in his arms. The woman snatched the baby from the hands of the employee of police, strongly cupped it so that the child began to cry, but then still gave it to the police.

While the policewoman took the baby in the car, his mother started attacking the police who tried to calm the woman. The woman then tore off the belt of a policeman, and then bit his arm and scratched.

Later 27-year-old woman was taken to the Department of state, where it became clear that her has repeatedly been fined for drunkenness, and it is in the field of vision of the police for drug use. Against aggressive women prosecuted for resisting the representative of authorities.

The child was taken to the crisis center, as it turned out, his grandmother. Surveying the child's place of residence, the police found that the apartment is very smoky, a lot of debris, and while there the grandmother was drunk.