In the LTV broadcast "Morning panorama" he called a second candidate, Deputy Edward Smiltenes, serious contender. On many issues the views of the politicians are the same, and the members of the party will be difficult to make a choice, said Piebalgs.

He is sure that he will manage to stabilize the situation in the party. On the question of priorities Piebalgs said that the original will need to clearly determine which party is "Unity". "I would like to see a major party based on values", — said the politician. You should also ensure the successful work of the Ministers in the government and as soon as possible to bring the party to a double-digit rating.

On the question of whether he wants to see the Board of "Unity" of the current leader of the party Solvita Aboltina, Piebalgs said that he has no objections. "It has a strong position in "Unity". I don't see her leaving," said the politician.