The liner sailed from Miami, Florida on may 1, will arrive in the port of Havana on may 2. The ticket price for a week's cruise around the island for a single person ranged from 2 to 7.5 thousand dollars.

In the path of the passengers of the liner Adonia will offer to meet with the Cuban culture and customs, will give Spanish lessons and serves Cuban cuisine, reports Deutsche Welle.

The flight, which will now be carried out every two weeks, has historical significance: previous cruise ship from the United States visited Liberty island about 50 years ago.

Previously, the company Carnival said that it will not take on Board of Americans born in Cuba, when Cuban law prohibiting U.S. citizens who were born on the island, to arrive at it by sea. However, in late April, the Cuban government lifted that ban, so among the first passengers of the liner there are immigrants from Cuba and those born on the island of Americans.

In July 2015, the United States and Cuba officially restored diplomatic relations, in March 2016, the United States President Barack Obama visited Cuba on an official visit.

Barack Obama became the first serving U.S. leader, who visited Cuba over the past 88 years to visit. The US and Cuba in December 2014 announced the normalization, and in July of last year restored diplomatic relations, interrupted more than 50 years ago after the revolution in Cuba.