Series in the genre of the Western "the Ballad of Buster the Scruggs" will consist of six stories of the Wild West. Coen brothers to the project not only Directors, but also screenwriters and Executive producers along with Megan Ellison and sue Nagl. Previously, Cohen became the Executive producers of the series "Fargo", but as Directors on television is still not working.

The Coen brothers are the creators of such films as "the Big Lebowski", "the Old men" and "burn After reading". The last picture Directors, "hail Caesar!" was released in 2016 - she opened the Berlin film festival.

In the Western genre the brothers have had to work. In December 2010, they released the film "true grit," which became the highest grossing of all their films and one of the most successful westerns in cinema history. The picture was nominated for the prestigious award "Oscar" in 10 categories, but won none of them.

Among the more than 70 awards Ethan and Joel Coen, four of the award "Oscar", two BAFTA awards and the "Palme d'or" at the Cannes film festival.