Before the game, 30 round of the championship of Switzerland "Lugano" Vanin was suddenly beyond the base, although no injuries or suspensions he had. The Latvian Keeper was requested to remain in stock, but Andris refused to sit on the bench. In the end, on the left the recently acquired 20-year-old Russian goalkeeper Anton Mitryushkin (from the system of the Moscow "Spartak"), and the second guardian of the gate for the game was declared a local Keeper of Fikentscher.

Despite the fast missed goal from "Lugano", "Sion" in the second half, managed not only to recoup, but to win with the score 3:1 thanks to the the Greek Theofanis Gekas, who scored all three goals.

After the game a discussion. President of Sion, Christian Constantin in a conversation with the newspaper Blick said: "Anton is our new first issue. I bet now there are two ways to retire or change club. At the end of the last game with "St. Gallen" ("Sion" lost with the score 1:2 and on the conscience of the theater is the first of the goals — Approx.) our coach said Andris, I waited for him to the best of the game, so there was a substitute today. And I support this decision".

Moreover, developing the topic, Constant has agreed to the fact that Vanya should have been ousted earlier.

"If we changed the Keeper in the games against Braga, then we would have advanced further in the Europa League," concluded the head of "Sion", completely forgetting that the playoff of the Eurocup and his team came in last but not least thanks to the game of the Latvian Keeper.

Cooled down a bit, Constant also assumed that Vanin could pursue a career in "Sion", but as a goalkeeper coach. However, in this case, Andris'd lost in salary (approximately 1:4 from the size of his current contract).

The player himself, who this week should celebrate its 36 anniversary, not going to finish career. In conversation with the portal Andris announced his intention to play at a high level until the age of forty.

"Well, for me it's a new challenge. I'm open to suggestions from other clubs," summed up the Latvian goalkeeper.

It is worth noting that his valid contract with Sion still on next season. The Swiss club he established himself in 2009 and almost immediately became the number one team. During this time, Andris was held for the "Sion" 269 matches, has twice won the Swiss Cup (2011, 2015) and was twice voted the best goalkeeper of the super League (2010, 2011). At the end of last season fell for the third time was named the best player of Latvia.