These two families, six people, arrived in Latvia in early February from Eritrea and Syria.

Shy from Eritrea, speaks several languages, will work in the refugee center, and his wife Senait plans to study to be a nurse. Before Shy studied hotel management and worked in this area, and his wife worked in a beauty salon.

This family has found a housing from Latvian friends close to Mucenieki. Shy thanked the mentors who were very helpful.

Management on Affairs of citizenship and migration Board has assigned members of this family alternative status. "We feel here myself as at home," said the immigrant.

A second family of Syria — Masad, Maryam and the two children. Maryam has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and would like to continue to work in this field in Latvia, the Masada was a waiter and would like to continue this work.

The Syrians said that I could live in Riga, Liepaja or another city, and the most important thing when choosing a place of residence — the school for children, work and infrastructure. Family of Syria is still in the asylum centre in Mucenieki.

Both families Express their gratitude for the granting of asylum and assistance. Shy said that the Latvian language is not seems to be too complicated. Refugees can already say a few phrases in Latvian, such as in a store.