As noted, in the group — "leader" — the Tu-154, as well as multi-function su-34".

Long-distance flights are performed by groups. Each includes a "leader" — the aircraft of the military transport aircraft (Tu-154 or Il-76), which is transported by the engineering staff, aviation and logistical assets, and other Russian combat aircraft types.

Planes fly in a group to the Russian border, after crossing which all planes can already fly on its airfields for a permanent home. If necessary during the flight over the territory of Russia aircraft make an intermediate landing at military airfields to refuel and control of technical condition.

Previously technical staff of the airbase Hamim began preparing the aircraft for longer flights to the airports where they are based in Russia.

As reported, on March 14 President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will begin to withdraw major forces from Syria. He noted that the locations of the Russian forces in Tartus marine and aviation at the airport Hamim — will function as usual.

American intelligence-analytical Agency Stratfor, commenting on the decision of Moscow, said that Russia in General has achieved those goals we set ourselves, from the Syrian campaign in September of last year.

Russia launched an air operation against terrorists in Syria September 30, 2015. Request to Putin approached Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.