With a total turnover in the amount of 85 million euros India among the trade partners of Latvia ranks only 34th place, while exports to India and imports from it is only 0.3% of the total Latvian trade balance.

Among the most promising directions of development of mutual cooperation between our countries is the transport sector. To develop this cooperation will be done through a land cargo transport route, so before Latvia offers the opportunity to become a logistics centre for the Indian goods sent to Europe.

For the success of cooperation as the advantages of Latvia in the negotiations with the Indian partners, emphasis was placed on the Latvian ports ice-free in winter, and any cargo in the Scandinavian countries one can deliver within 24 hours. According to the President of the Latvian railway Edwin Berzins, the first test train from India to Latvia can go at the end of this year. The process of organizing these test trains requires a lot of time, since it depends on a large number of parties involved.