In the period from may to August in the Center of microsurgery Riga East hospital staffed by not one, but three of microsurgery. Carelessness when working with the garden tool often leads to serious injuries and even amputations. Operation sewing a severed finger or limb can take up to 10 hours. And this is only halfway to recovery.

"Sewn by hand — it does not mean that the next day you came to work. 5 weeks in plaster, to train with a physiotherapist. Until then will resume the sensitivity. It could be six months, even more," explains microsurgery Janis Krustins.

The need for long-term rehabilitation sometimes scares patients because at this time they will not be able to work. There are cases when the patients refuse operation to recovery of lost fingers.

"And, if we are talking about one amputirovannyy finger, sometimes the patients say — I want to go home the next day. And we are 2 weeks removed the stitches and I go back to work," says Crostinis.

The doctor recalled that the country works should be approached responsibly. And not let the lawn mower kids. Especially not to allow them to use a lawnmower together.