In Berlin, with bated breath, awaiting the results of the first round of voting, after all, these elections will ultimately depend on the future of the European Union, welfare, peace, unity and many other undervalued good.

The rise of extremists

In the first round of voting, voters decide heart. In the second sense. This can explain the French electoral system, which should protect from the extremists settled in the presidential Palace. Meanwhile, the rapid growth of the popularity of the old Communist Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the results of surveys makes possible the formation, in which Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the second round of voting will compete for victory against marine Le Pen.

For whom will vote with head, not heart, thinking about the politics of the French? The fact that a few weeks ago seemed impossible, now seems quite possible. The success of Mélenchon shows that many French people want radical solutions. They think that it is less a case about the practical solution to their problems, rather than on a strong ideology with promises of a glorious future. How else to explain the fact that Le Pen and Mélenchon, the results of public opinion polls, a total of can win more than 40 percent of the vote.

The electoral landscape on both sides of the political scale is partly equivalent to a disgruntled former factory workers, who always chose the left, then favored the right and was able to go back to the left. Young voters who angrily demand only changes at the Paris political sphere, and are dependent on social payments of the state voters who feel the right any radical proclamation, promising them better living conditions.

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Radical leftists tout French the slogan "Revolt in France" and promise to leave the European Union and NATO, to denationalize the industry and to change the political and economic model to end of financial capitalism. How it should happen once in Eastern Europe ended the era of communism, is unclear. What distinguishes from of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, marine Le Pen, is the idea of internationalism, for which, however, is not to find partners worldwide.

The candidate from "National front" marine Le Pen, by contrast, relies entirely on patriotism. "France first" is her motto, but her economic program is no different from the proposals of the radical left forces. The same slogans and promises - to withdraw from the EU and leave NATO, to nationalize the large industrial facilities - for many voters are your thing and do not differ from each other. And the French should look very carefully to discover the legacy of the neo-fascist marine Le Pen, who in recent interviews has openly declared that does not recognize the responsibility of France for the deportation of Jews by the Vichy government.

The centre is crushed

In such circumstances, the European neighbors, as young French citizens, lay the hope of Emmanuel Macron. He is the one who supports the Pro-European course and offers a progressive - liberal economic policy which must finally reform the ossified French system. First Makron was happy liquidia approval of the voters, but over time they have demonstrated their volatility and, as shown by the results of the surveys, their position was not unambiguous.

Finally, the fourth main party of the race - "the king of scandals" Francois Fillon. His supporters live mostly in rural areas. They remained loyal to him, despite the investigation, which is against the Rules, because of the conservative to the bone either because they believe in his reforms "a La Margaret Thatcher".

Do the selection of the head

For concerned observers and neighbors now have only one hope - the French will suppress their desire to the great ideology and in the first round vote with head and not heart. Until that time, we can only breathlessly wait for the end of the campaign and hope that the French will follow the example of the Dutch and the Austrians and say "no!" to extremism.