"The international community has no doubt that Syria holds chemical weapons in violation of their agreements and statements that she got rid of him," said Mattis.

However, he did not explain what stocks of chemical weapons, according to his estimates, holds Damascus. The Pentagon chief also noted that this issue should be settled through diplomatic channels.

The Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) came to the conclusion that in the air strike on the Syrian province of Idlib in early April were used sarin gas or a similar substance nerve.

Damascus denies involvement in chemical attack. Russia is supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad said that the Syrian air force could bomb the chemical weapon warehouse of the rebels.

Three days after the attack on Idlib, on 7 April, two American destroyers, in the Mediterranean South of Cyprus, has released 59 cruise missiles "Tomahawk" on the airfield Sarat in the West Syrian province of HOMS.

On Friday, Assad said in an interview with RIA Novosti that previously believed, U.S. President Donald trump "promising", but the attack on the base Shirt showed that Americans do not keep their word.

"We all know that us officials say one thing and do another, they never stick to their promises and words," said Assad. The Syrian leader also said that Damascus is currently no channel of communication with the leadership of the United States.