• Beijing has accused the US of violating the sovereignty of China

  • Chinese foreign Ministry responded to the visit by the American destroyer in the waters of the Spratly Islands, calling it a flagrant violation of the sovereignty and security of the country. Beijing expressed disappointment in tie with this incident and stated the need to take measures to further strengthen the defense.

    Warship of the US Navy entering the waters of the Spratly Islands, "flagrantly violated the sovereignty and security" of China. This was reported on the official website of the foreign Ministry of China.

    10 August, the destroyer USS McCain entered in the area of the disputed Islands in the South China sea and performed a maneuver near one of the artificial Islands, then to meet him for identification was sent warships of the Chinese Navy. "China is disappointed with the incident and will make representation to the American side," — said the foreign Ministry.

    "China's determination to defend its territory and interests at sea as firm as the will to maintain peace and stability in the South China sea. Provocation by the US is forcing Beijing to take measures for further strengthening the defense capability of the country", — added in Department.

    As previously explained in the Pentagon, the operation was carried out in the framework of the "strategy of freedom of navigation": thus the U.S. Navy show the Chinese that do not recognize their territorial claim to the waters around the artificial Islands.

    China began to build artificial Islands in the disputed waters in June 2014. In these areas in the South China sea claimed by China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam.

    In late may, Beijing warned, the United States is at risk to seriously undermine the negotiations between the concerned parties in the South China sea. The announcement was made after a warship of the U.S. Navy passed 12 nautical miles from the artificial island built by China in the disputed waters.


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