The interest of Russian special services to these persons is justified as the possibility of obtaining from them information, and influence and involvement in information operations directed against Latvia, EU and NATO.

Among the main risks still indicated the Russian special services — the Federal security service (FSB), foreign intelligence Service (SVR) and main intelligence Directorate of General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

Last year worked in Latvia the representatives of the intelligence of other, non-EU and NATO States, but their activity is compared with the intensity of work of the Russian intelligence services and created security risks for Latvia was relatively low.

Assessment of PB, the activity of the intelligence services of Russia in Latvia last year remained at the same level. The most active with the FSB that might be related to the strengthening of the role of this structure as intelligence.

According to BOP, in first half of 2015, the Russian special services, the greatest interest was shown to the chairmanship of Latvia in the EU Council, however, throughout the reporting period of stable interest were the socio-political and economic processes, as well as the work of the state security services of Latvia and human rights organizations.

The Russian secret service was interested in projects of cross-border cooperation, which can be used as a cover for intelligence activities in Latvia. Still the main source of information for Russian intelligence services are Latvian residents visiting Russia. According to the information available to the PB, most security officers regularly surveyed Latvian residents about the socio-political situation in the country, the economic environment.

The increased interest of the Russian intelligence services traditionally are officers of the state security services and law enforcement organizations and associated individuals that have information about employees of such institutions, their actions and logistical capabilities.

Assessment of PB, not only officials belong to a risk group, but also the Latvian businessmen who have business interests in Russia, as well as the youth who go to study in Russian universities.