Thus Mivies noted that due to the delineation of shares held (activities of anti-fascists and admirers of legionaries are in different places) the risk of physical clashes between opposing parties is minimized.

For the shares of the Latvian anti-Nazi Committee selected a place near the Bastion hill, away from the Freedom monument. Also the Riga self-government forbade them to use loudspeakers and other sound amplifiers.

The decision of the capital government adopted, as the aim of the measures announced by the organization "In support of national warriors" and the Latvian anti-Nazi Committee (LAC), it was stated not to allow actions that promote the opposite view.

At the meeting, the organizers their goals did not hide, told journalists Executive Director of Riga Juris Radzevich. It is against the law, therefore the activities of both organisations will be held with the restrictions the government has appointed another place for their conduct, but the timing is not changed.

According to Radzevich, representatives of the VARNISH did not hide that the event is organized in contrast to the procession of society Daugavas vanagi.

The same conclusion was made and after talking with representatives of the organization "In support of national warriors", which is an event planned to conduct to prevent the organization of the event LACQUER. Moreover, the declared number of participants was only 30, that have caused doubts in the validity of purposes. This organization will be able to hold its activities on the other side of the monument of Freedom.