Press Secretary mihashi Prefecture of Apartamento police and border guard Board Helen Uldrich told Delfi that the submarine together with the accompanying ship at the moment is really moving in the waters of Estonia.

"Presumably we are talking about a Russian submarine. That they have a regular flight to Kaliningrad, which takes place in our economic zone," explained Aldrich and added that today's flight was recorded in the register of Maritime safety.

Earlier the chief focal point for marine and air rescue Ivar, Treffner explained Delfi that in the Gulf of Finland for the movement of vessels is defined by sea lanes and as they pass through Estonian and Finnish economic zone. Warships of the Russian Federation are moving on these international sea lanes as well as commercial and other vessels. Treffner noted that submarines and all other courts allowed the transit through the economic zone and they occur regularly.

The court also should not make themselves visible to radar.

"According to applicable warships requirements, the transponder should not be switched on during transit," said, Treffner.