Please accept my most sincere, heartfelt and best wishes to all of You and Your families in these Holy days Vysokoskorostnoe Holy day —

The Bright Resurrection Of Christ — Pascha Of The Lord!

With a clear mind and an open heart, with hope and hope, meet we, Christians, this Holy and glorious Day of the Lord a lot. Again and again before our mind's eye, in prayerful remembrance are historical gospel events described by the Holy apostles-evangelists. We remember the last days of the earthly life of our Savior Sousa of Christ. We remember Him unrighteous, hypocritical judgment, suffering on the Cross, the innocent shed blood, His death and His resurrection from the dead on the third day. Remember, believe and confess: as Christ was resurrected, will be resurrected and all believers in Him. And our resurrection will happen at God's will and wave. The desire of God is accompanied by His great power.
Therefore, worship His Holy Cross, so the Cross and boast. So continuing to chant and glorify the three-day saving Resurrection. This miracle of the Resurrection it is impossible to fully understand the human mind and it is impossible to Express the fullness of human speech. This is supposed to be only a deep faith and unfeigned love.

Susa the resurrection of Christ from the dead, trampling death, for us, Christian believers, was and is the main religious holiday. The spiritual joy of this holiday we should always feel. The purity of their thoughts, prayers, creation is God's work we must constantly glorify the Risen Lord. To give Him glory and honour, unceasingly crying out: Glory, o Lord, to Thy Resurrection!
Unfortunately, in everyday life we very often face with such a negative phenomenon as a universal human anger. It is clear that life is confusion, lack of prospects in personal development, generates hostility and rejection towards others. Along with this phenomenon is also seen in ordinary human ingratitude. We often forget properly, a Christian, to thank those who gave us attention and mercy. And finally, in today's society thrives hard selfishness when one wants to put himself above the rest, and considered only their personal interests.

Certainly, Christians find it difficult to resist these phenomena. But we should always remember the commandments Sousa of Christ, to observe and to apply them in specific cases. Our patience, generosity, compassion, love, and knowledge of the basics of the Faith will always help to get out of the predicament in which push us life circumstances.

In addition, the State we, as Christians, must defend and preserve, care for and promote Christian spiritual values, give those values to disappear under the influence of so-called human fabrications.

Reverend fathers, dear brothers and sisters! From the heart I wish You and Your families, to meet and spend this Easter weekend in prayer, good health, prosperity, in mutual love, in a tangible material prosperity! Wish to achieve the fulfillment of all Your good intentions and wishes aimed at spiritual benefit to his fellow men. I wish you peace and spiritual salvation!

With love in the Risen Christ: the father Alexy Ilko,
Chairman of the Central Council
The Old Orthodox Pomor Church Of Latvia.