Christ Is Risen!

Ended salvific period of Great Lent, passed the week of the passion of Christ and we come again on Easter day and in our churches we hear is full of joy and consolation greeting: "Christ is Risen!". And a believing heart responds: "Christ is Risen!". Now the occasion of our hope and trust, now a celebration of our faith, "Christ Bo vosta, everlasting joy" (1st song of the Canon of Pascha).

"We celebrate the mortification of death, the destruction of hell, the beginning of another eternal life" — these words by St. John Damascene expressed the essence of Easter. Death, terrify the living, is conquered by Christ. Don't hold it in my arms who came for our salvation of Christ the Redeemer. And with the prophet Hosea we shout: "Death! where is your sting?" (Hos. 13.14