Despite the fact that the level of welfare in Latvia over the last decades has greatly increased and information has become much more accessible, still there are situations when children are born children, said Kelly. "It is the ignorance and low consciousness of teenagers — the main reasons that not one girl-podrostkom doomed to the status of young and often single mother," emphasizes Kelly.

Statistically, girls under the age of 18 born of 200-300 children a year, and at least three girls become mothers at the age of 14 years.
They have to face several problems. They are often left without the support of the parents and the child's father, forced to interrupt his studies, experiencing stigma and negative attitudes from society.

Working with young people, "Papardes zieds" sees that her often lack of basic knowledge about human physiology, family planning methods. If the schools are to pay more attention to these issues, this trend unfortunately will continue, says Kelly.

Polls show that parents are also reluctant to talk with their children about intimate issues, shifting it to the school.

The situation can be fixed, purposefully working with families at risk, educating them about how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and making available family planning, says Kelly.