The Cup of the Latvian Railways is the third test of the tournament for the Dynamo this offseason. And if Minsk residents lost all three matches, in Kassel, everything turned out better — two wins and only one defeat. The last game in Germany, with the participation of Dinamo was held on Thursday and Sunday — the first match in the tournament in Riga. So time to lose the team of Sandis Ozolinsh.

Tenth championship KHL starts on August 21. For locals the regular season will begin on 22 August field meeting with Omsk "Avangard".

  • 1. The first question: Dynamo will show serious opposition?
  • 2. The second question: how to play Legion?
  • 3. The third question: can I manage Sandis Ozolins?
  • 4. Festival of hockey and the tournament schedule