– Tell me how you decided to start losing weight?

– Most often I drive, and I ate irregularly, often led to overeating. So, gradually and imperceptibly, I was thoroughly rounded. In an attempt to lose weight tried to follow their diet, but I didn't know about the intricacies of proper nutrition, and no results achieved.

– What did you do to get in shape?

– On the Internet I noticed an article about a very good method. People told us that Stockholm diet quickly led. I thought surely I would not do it?! And therefore agreed to complete the questionnaire on the home page of the Stockholm diet in order to see what they tell me to eat nutritionists. Immediately received my test results. I took it as a challenge to myself. I'm not a grandpa some, I still want to look good!

– Were you able to stick to the plan?

– I began to observe the plan on the day following its receipt. It was easy for me to follow all the instructions, had no problems. Pleased me that the meal plan contained some tips that easily fit into my work rhythm. Combined with the right menu, they gave a tangible result. The next day I weighed 2 pounds less, I was very happy and it motivated me to continue the diet. During the diet I always had a feeling of fullness. Now my food habits have changed beyond recognition. I have a feeling of fullness, and I don't overeat. After eating I was not overcome by laziness, quite the contrary — I am now full of energy! Thanks to the advice and menus of the Stockholm diet I got rid of 21 pounds of excess weight. And my health condition has improved — I feel better now than ever before!

– Would you recommend other people to try the diet Stockholm?

– This method is a must try for anyone who wants to rediscover the form and never return to your old habits! Complete test on the home page of the Stockholm diet, and after a few days you will see the results will be!

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