The semifinals games will be held in Riga from 27 to 29 April at the stadium, Janis Deligne, which will bring together 180 classes.

"We are honored to accept these days in Valmiera the most creative, knowledgeable and active in the regions. "ZZ championship" in Valmiera became the regional festival of students, which contributes to a healthy environment for the growth and development of young people. All students that have passed so far, are already winners. I wish the children, young people and their teachers with exposure and success in the semi-finals", — congratulated the members of "ZZ Championship" Richard Gailums.

"Latvia's largest sports and intellectual games for pupils "the ZZ championship" this year, celebrate a great anniversary — decade. I am glad that after ten years we managed to educate a new generation of inhabitants of Latvia, giving children and young people a fantastic opportunity to Express themselves, to dare, to confirm their abilities and also learn mutual respect, tolerance and a cohesive team work. Today's winner could be anyone, because to get to the finals — not always the most important thing. Often much more valuable experience and the unforgettable emotions that the students will be working as a team, as a whole", — said the head of "ZZ Championship" Raivo of Rests.

In General, this year will be nine semi-finals "ZZ Championship", which will be attended by 540 best Latvian classes. In the jubilee year each of the semifinals will be your instructor who will encourage and support students.

The first semi-finals, which started in Valmiera at the stadium, Janis and Deligne in the Park of sensations opened by the famous TV host Reynard saltines. The baton will take the presenter Lelde Latviete and Edmund Rasmanis from the group of PeR.

Recall that the semi-finals of the Zemgale region and most of the Riga schools will be held in Riga on 11-13 may at the stadium of the Zemgale Olympic centre along with TV hosts Ugis Loxton, singer Agnes rakowska and fitness expert Caspar Salinised. The final series of the semifinals will be held may 16-18 in the beautiful seaside city of Liepaja, where at stadium "Daugava" will meet the best teams of schools of Kurzeme and Riga parts of the region. In Liepaja the semi-finals will be hosted by journalist Oscar Lepers, musician Valters, Frydenberg and TV presenter Katia Schoenberg.

The purpose of "ZZ Championship" — to promote among young people physically active and creative lifestyle, inspire students on cooperation, solidarity and respect to each other.

This year applications for participation in competitions filed more than 2 thousand classes that represent 106 out of 110 regions of Latvia. The competition for the tenth time organizes brand Zelta Zivtina mobile communications in cooperation with the youth organization Avantis. This year the main partner of "ZZ Championship" became the leading enterprise in the world of information and communication technologies Huawei Technologies Investment Co., Ltd.