Writes The Daily Mirror, in the top most dangerous States includes, first of all, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Germany and France. But security experts do not rule out that the militants of the "Islamic state" can home and to resorts in other countries — provided that they are loved by the Europeans or the Russians. As shown by the terrorist attack plane, which killed 224 people, flying with the rest in Egypt, Russia in the IG do not like as well as Europe.

The security police of Latvia also believes that the greatest risks exist at the largest resorts. But in the Baltic States and in Eastern Europe in General, they are very low.

Evaluation of the Latvian tour operators, many Latvians perceive threats seriously — the demand for tours to Turkey fell. Increased interest in the Greek Islands, South Italy, and also France and Germany.

In turn, The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Latvia recommends that before a tourist trip to check current information about the risk level at the point of destination, do not forget to insure the life and health, as well as register at the Consulate of Latvia in the place of arrival. So "if anything" didn't have to break the law, trying to find residents of Latvia.

How safe it is in different countries, loved by Latvians? We have summarized the most relevant information.