Most brides prefer the classic white pumps with heels, but in such a special day you can try something more formal — for example, shoes with exquisite design of lace and pearls. Open or closed shoes will be — a matter of taste, however, we still advise you to choose wedding shoes according to the weather conditions.

We should also talk about the comfort: the girls are not used to heels, don't spoil your wedding day by uncomfortable shoes. In this case you should choose ballet flats or other flat shoes.

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Color. The bride does not have to follow the stereotypes and to choose for wedding white shoes. On the contrary — bright shoes can be a very original accent to the outfit.

But in fashion there is an absolute democracy, remember? So the bride is free to marry anything. But if comfort for you, above all else, we advise you to pay attention to the stylish sneakers.

And tell about the existing tradition — the inscriptions on the sole of wedding shoes.

It is difficult to say what the Joker or the Joker for the first time thought of this before. According to one version — the original home of this tradition, it is considered Greece, on the other — Turkey. It was there long on the sole of Bridal shoes which were deposited the names of the unmarried bridesmaids, and it was believed that following getting married is the one whose name is erased first. After a time, the tradition spread to other countries, received special popularity in the States, where she has acquired a modern look. Now by tradition, the shoes can write not only the names of her friends, but also wishes, advice, and generally anything that will fit.

And, as usual, we offer you stylish collection of wedding shoes from classic to the most daring choices!

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