"After careful and thorough investigation of the allegations, the company and bill O'reilly came to the agreement that bill O'reilly will not return to Fox News channel", — says the publication.

O'reilly had previously been accused of sexual harassment, Reuters reports. The reporter and his employer paid to the five women a total of $ 13 million to settle a claim. These women either worked on the journalist, or acted as guests in his show.

"The O'reilly factor" is the most popular show on Fox News. According to advertising firm Kantar Media, in 2016, it brought the ad revenue in the amount of 147,13 million dollars. The journalist has worked in television for over 20 years.

Earlier the employees of the broadcasting company Fox advised not to behave with women like President Donald Trump and not to grab their crotch. During a workshop for staff on the unacceptability of sexual harassment and abuse, as illustrative material was used the audio of trump from 2005, in which he tells the interlocutor about their methods of treatment of women. "When you're famous, they allow you to do anything with them — for example, grab their crotch, anything", — he said.

In early February in an interview with O'reilly, trump spoke about the respect to the Russian leader. The journalist in turn reminded him about the accusations that the West had advanced against Moscow and Putin, and called the Russian President a murderer. "What do you think our country is so innocent?" responded trump.

Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov called saying O'reilly is offensive and stated that they would prefer to hear his apology. The journalist said he would apologize to Putin until 2023.