According to the Deputy head of IAC Sergey Zayko, Sunday is also expected to arrive in Moscow by French and American experts, which will assist in the investigation of the disaster. Will arrive in the capital and representatives of aviation authorities of the United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, the communications between the crew of a passenger plane and the Rostov dispatchers previously appeared on the Internet. International Advisory-analytical Agency "Security of flights" published on its website the transcript and the translation of these negotiations (the conversation was in English):

Pilot (P): Tower, Dubai Sky 981.
Managers (E): Sky Dubai 981, Rostov Tower.
P: Just cause you (...) e, there is some better weather?
D: Sky Dubai 981, now the wind is 230 degrees, ten, fourteen impulses per second..., visibility ... thousand, uh, amendment, six thousand meters of storm and rain.
P: Okay, thank you very much, are there any warnings about wind shear?
D: ... bai 981, no.
P: Okay, thank you, and when you look out the window, sir, looks much better than before.
D: Sky Dubai 981, er, mild
P: Okay, thank you very much.