In the ranking, which is based on the analysis of the results of students in competitions and contests on a national scale, includes 120 small and 86 large schools. The first three places in the list of the best big schools in comparison with last year has not changed: Riga 1st state gymnasium, Daugavpils Russian secondary school - Lyceum and Agenskalna state school. The lead was preserved and the best small school - secondary school of engineering Sciences at the MOUTH. The three entered the Preili 1st basic school and 89th Riga secondary school.

The authors divided Latvian schools into two groups - the "large" and "small". In small secondary schools enrolled less than 100 students. The rankings take into account the indicators of students in state competitions, Open Olympiad on the Russian language, Open the Olympics in music and Open competition in the written Latgalian language and history of culture. Full list of schools is available on the website