66% boys and 53% girls are not afraid to talk about problems with his father. The results of six surveys conducted over 20 years indicate that adolescents were more difficult to share problems with their parents.

The results of the 2014 survey show that not all students identify in the family of the man who would be listened to. 83% of boys and 79% girls think that their opinion is respected in the family.

In Latvia 78,7% of pupils more willing to talk their concerns with the mother and father are ready to share the problems of 59.3%. adolescents. Both boys and girls quickly found a common language and have more trust in the mother than the father, especially girls aged 13-15 years.

The survey shows that only 64.3 percent of the respondents live with both parents. The share of single-parent families in Latvia during the past years we grew up.

The study, which was published this week, gives an idea of the situation in 42 countries in Europe and North America.