From the ethnic point of view, the offer of the Riga city Council on additional lessons in their native language supports 81% of non-Latvians and 48% of Latvians, and does not support — 11% Latvians and 39% of Latvians. A neutral position on this issue took 4% of representatives of national minorities and 12% of Latvians.

Of the residents whose children are currently enrolled in schools of ethnic minorities, this decision approves 86% parents, 5% are neutral, do not support 7%. Unequivocal support expressed by the group of respondents whose children attended schools of national minorities in the past five years, additional lessons serves 81% of parents.

In turn, among respondents who had previously studied at the school of national minorities, the idea of the Riga city Council supports 71% of the respondents and in the group of respondents who have in the last five years was not directly related to the schools of national minorities— 63%.

A poll conducted by the center for the study of public opinion SKDS, in early December survey of 882 residents.