31% respondents consider factor in attracting the Diaspora to work in Latvia, the opportunity to help the country in economic development, and for 29% the advantage is the ability to be in the clear and the receiving environment. 18% of returnees do not see the work in Latvia any benefits.

Although salary is an important aspect, which the re-emigrants were paying attention, the Diaspora representatives also draw attention to the working conditions (56%), career opportunities (53%), colleagues, working hours and their flexibility (40%).

Part of the returnees want to start in Latvia entrepreneurial activity and very important to consider the state support to small enterprises and start-UPS.

According to the survey, only half of the returnees had planned a desire to return home. Those who made the decision spontaneously, the return was not always successful.

According to the Director of the centre fuchuan Marine, about two-thirds of returnees who have not found work in Latvia, have started job search only in Latvia, and it says that to find a job in Latvia, while abroad, is difficult.

Causes complicating the re-emigrants looking for work in Latvia is the lost contacts, the negative attitude of employers to interruptions in professional activity, lack of willingness to begin work immediately, according to a study.