"I can't even put into words how much is at stake in the coming hours and days, " he said. — Rate is so prohibitively high, because under the threat of so many lives of innocent people, so many medical and humanitarian workers are subjected to bombing, they now kill and maim. The result threatened the lives of millions of people".

According to Egeland, the situation in Aleppo for the past two days dramatically worsened. An equally serious situation exists in several parts of HOMS province. The UN representative stressed that in may will certainly need to maintain humanitarian access to besieged and hard-to-reach 35 areas in Syria.

Meanwhile, the leadership of Syria, despite the cease-fire, preparing for a major military operation with the aim to regain control of the entire territory of Aleppo. According to the governmental newspaper "al-Watan", the army is ready for "decisive battle".

According to the estimates of activists, watching the events in Syria in recent days as a result of air strikes of Russia and the government forces of Assad in Aleppo killed 60 people, including 14 during the attack on the hospital. Russia has denied involvement in the airstrikes in this region of Syria in recent days.