All in God's hands

The reason why scientists decided to address the issue ethnic diversity of the Latvian society, announced the organizer of the meeting, Chairman of the Department of Humanities and social Sciences of the Academy, the economist Raita Karnite: "the Issues of social integration are discussed frequently, but usually as authors of opinion journalists and speak directly to those who create the integration policy. In the middle of not heard the voices of experts".

To fill this information gap, to a meeting of the Council were invited by the leading Latvian political scientists and sociologists. However, seeing in the hall of the three members of the Seimas, Ms. Carney was unexpectedly invited them to the experts and gave the floor without Queuing. Monologues politicians took a third of the time the entire meeting.

The opening speech was made by the head of the parliamentary Commission on citizenship, migration and social cohesion, the representative of the National enterprises, the creativity expert. In a brief retelling of it was as follows: one can argue that integration policy in Latvia failed