As has told to Agency LETA Poikans himself, he intends to join the party "Kam pieder valsts" ("Who owns the state"), which is scheduled to start may 3, and will be the co-founder of the party.

To the question whether he is going to participate in active politics and to run for election, Poikans said that his goal is to be active, and he is ready to stand as a candidate in the elections, but added that much is being done without it.

His decision to join the party of Kiminsa Poikans substantiated by the fact that it led to this personal experience and what is happening in the country in recent years with the filing of the current government. And he sees no possibility to do something real, to join some already existing batch. Besides, having become acquainted with people who will unite in a new party, Poikans realized that he had much in common with them.

As reported, MP Artus'sh officially announced the date of creation of the party: may 3 at the Great Guild organization "Kam pieder valsts" ("Who owns the state") will establish a political party. Will be approved the Charter and program elected to the management bodies of the party.

In February I started to work created Kaiminiem platform on the Internet, and on 12 February he founded the organization "Kam pieder valsts". As he said, the purpose of the organization is to unite efforts in the fight against the tyranny of politicians and officials, their arrogance, extravagance and incompetence.