"I went from Ieriku in the direction brīvības gatve ahead on the neighboring lane moving van municipal police. Suddenly a set of Fuses, crossing a double solid, rolled out of the VW Golf. Although the violation of traffic rules could not remain unnoticed by the crew of the police, police did not react and drove on. They must have had more important away on urgent business, although season unauthorized trading apples still not arrived.

Periodically I watch the video channel of the Riga municipal police on YouTube. Law enforcement officers regularly carry their service and consistently hold of drunk or aggressive drivers. Especially impressive was the February pursuit car without state numbers. Police authorities honorably fulfilled their duties law enforcement: who had abandoned his car the driver was detained. Once again, police officers selflessly and faithfully perform their duties. Therefore, it is completely surprising and incomprehensible for me was a road incident that happened in Gustava zemgala gatve".

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