Wednesday, March 16, the Committee on transport and communications of the Riga city Council at an extraordinary meeting approved the amendments to regulations to the owners of "Maps of Riga" from July 1 to introduce a 50% discount on travel on public transport on time tickets, which will cost 1.15 euros. On weekends the time a ticket will be even cheaper — 0.60 euros. Other passengers can buy a ticket at the time established by the company Rīgas satiksme fare is 2.30 Euro.

Same discounts as residents of Riga, will be able to obtain other Latvian residents, if the municipality Rīgas satiksme compensates for the difference in cost. The procedure for determining the amount of compensation is still to be confirmed.

In turn, the ticket a "moving" graph, by which you can go five days 24 hours a day, for residents declared their place of residence in the capital, will cost, as promised earlier, 15 Euro, for other it will cost 25 euros.

Amendments to the regulations are scheduled for discussion at the meeting of Riga city Council next week.

As reported, the Riga city Council has prepared a package of proposals for the owners of "Maps of Riga". From 1 July this year for holders of the "Card of Riga" is planned hour-tickets for public transport, to establish a fee in the amount of 0.60 euros per hour ticket on weekends, you can enter special ticket "moving" graphics which will be valid for 15 days, and 20% discount on Parking of vehicles on municipal Parking lots located in zones B, C and D.