In their work, Polakovs never in a hurry, considering that the process and communication should be enjoyed to the end. Photo shoots involving Nude women should be a real holiday, so after shooting, they feel full of happiness and satisfaction, I'm sure the photographer.

Photo: turning a hobby into a job

Valters is professionally engaged in photography since 2005. He usually works in Studio. The portfolio Valters has a different work — family photos, and themed shooting on order. The public already had the opportunity to get acquainted with pictures of Polyakova in various exhibitions and currently at the Museum of Talsi region you can see the series of photos "WE are HERE", dedicated to the residents of Latvia.

I like women. I gladly photographed. Women in General should admire.

Before becoming the professional activities of Valters, photography was his hobby. To believe in themselves and to show their work to someone else, he needed more inspiration. "At first I thought to do can only the other people", — says the photographer. But opening your images to the General public, he became more confident in their abilities. "Then you understand that you can speak through your work", says Valters. Today photography has become a part of his life.

"When I started to shoot, I bought all the photo magazines in a row," laughs the artist. In photography he is most attracted by the fact that the result of the work can be seen at once, and, despite the fact that for many years he honed his skills — he equally appreciates all his work, both early and those that established later. "After all, they all have my heart. In each of them I put a lot of work". Valters cannot allocate any of his works, as each recalls specific emotions and the time in which it was taken.

Without communication photo not to create

"First, people get in my way. I ran with the camera along the sea, and if any man came into my frame, I thought this photo marriage," — says Valters. Now things have changed photographer love to take pictures of people because during these photo shoots can sometimes be much more creative moments. In addition, the portraits allow an incredibly deep show the personality of each person.

"This contact," says Valters about the "birth" photos. "No contact, no picture. It is the basis. Here "quick" anything. This bilateral cooperation — the photographer will never do it myself. But I always try to find something in the glance to the was empty, so he did not only consisted of songs from the shape of the silhouette. Always gotta be something more" — says the photographer.

During photo shoots, including those where people pose naked, the most difficult task, according to Valters, "knock out models of restraint" to set free, because otherwise it will not work. "When man forgets that he plays a role, then you are starting to get"

Not do the work without mutual trust, the moral of the outcrops to each other. After all, if people are counting on the photographer while he works, then when there is a rating photos, unprotected becomes the artist, which is concerned that people were happy with the result. Very clearly the Valters in the memory imprinted exhibition "WE are HERE" opening:"They (the people who is pictured) came to the opening. You know what I felt? I had such anxiety, such fear, because I wanted them all ponravilos. They came to evaluate my work, and now I stood before them naked."

Sensual photography — models joy and pleasure to the photographer

Valters is not shy to take pictures of naked people. Among his works there are pictures of naked men and women, but he admits he feels much more comfortable in working with the opposite sex. These sessions photographer perceives as pleasure for yourself and as a holiday for women.

On the question of whether women have to worry about that during shooting, the photographer looks at them with a specific desire, he answers in the negative.

You differently see it. If you look through sex, I don't know what might happen. At the moment you don't think about it. Just get visual enjoyment.

During the session, Valters can make the model a compliment about her appearance. He also thinks that posing naked is the best way to raise your self — esteem. In addition, it happens even in double size while shooting and at the moment when the woman herself looks at his pictures.

After shooting the woman needs to feel happy and fulfilled, and it is the task of the photographer is to help her realize her beauty. "There's a real art to be able to raise someone else's self esteem, especially women .

About whether it was possible session, saying not only beautiful images, but sensations after filming a model admitted to Valters that time in the Studio excited them tremendously. "They felt valuable and accepted." The artist also adds that in order to pose in the Nude, you need to have courage, and there are women who to these photo shoots preparing for months. "It's a challenge. Every day that almost no one does."

After shooting the woman needs to feel happy and fulfilled, and it is the task of the photographer is to help her realize her beauty. "There's a real art to be able to raise someone else's self esteem, especially women .

"Choosing the photographer, you should be very careful to whom you go," says Valters. He warns that the Amateur photographer can in a more severe form to make a how to pose and what to do and it can make you feel not very good. In this case, it is not necessary to expect from a session of a favorable result. "Instead of raising self-esteem here you get the opposite effect," summarizes Polakovs.