Ex-Minister of health Ingrida Circene told about the earlier developed bill on health financing approved in the first reading the Sejm of the previous convocation. The project involved the introduction of mandatory health insurance, right to paid from the state budget, the treatment was linked to the payment of income tax from the population. Later by order of the Cabinet of Ministers, the concept was abandoned.

The Chairman of the Subcommission Romuald Razuks asked Circene, why not to shoot. MP Inguna Ribena pointed out that this question need to ask is not Circene, Latvian society of doctors and family doctors — those who objected to the reform. Ribena believes that the linking of taxes with the receipt of health care services would motivate to pay taxes.

Circene explained that the refusal of advance of the bill indicates a lack of political will. It was the time of the election, for parties it was important to enlist the support of the electorate, and many were against the change of principles of financing of medicine. According to her, if it was adopted, the financing of health this year would increase by 30%.

Representatives of the Ministry of Finance spoke about the working groups, analysing available for healthcare funding. At the next meeting on March 17 will be considered financing of hospitals.

In the government Declaration provides for the development of a model of obligatory health insurance with reference of the source contributions and size of bets.2.*

The previous head of the government Laimdota Straujuma previously stated that compulsory health insurance should introduce in 2017.