As noted by Reuters, before Obama has repeatedly stated that it wants Britain to remain in the European Union and helped to establish contacts with other European States.

"I'll be shocked if Obama during his visit to London will not ask local residents to vote for the preservation of the place of Britain in the EU", — said the source Reuters.

In the Obama administration, and the office of the Prime Minister David Cameron this information is not commented on.

Recall referendum on the fate of the UK in the European Union will take place on 23 June. Public opinion polls show that opponents and supporters of Britain's membership in the EU equally. With a large group of people with my position so far undecided — they are the propaganda appeals of the American leader.

On the background of the refugee crisis and the high influx of immigrants from other countries in the EU a British exit from the EU became one of the most important issues of European policy. So important that Cameron's due referendum ordered to postpone the annual speech by Queen Elizabeth II in Parliament.

The Times newspaper explained that the decision to postpone the Royal speech to help Cameron "to restart his Premiership after the results of the referendum". The source also mentioned that the Prime Minister hopes to use victory in Europe, to regain the support of the Conservative party and at the same time appear in the role of modernizer.

Note that among the main Euro-skeptics is the leader of the house of Commons Chris Grayling, the Secretary of state for Northern Ireland Theresa Villiers and Minister for work and pensions Ian Duncan Smith. In addition, among those who confirmed their commitment to the idea of leaving the EU, energy Minister Andrea Ledson.

In early February, the EU provided the UK reform project of the EU, which should allow the government Cameron to urge their constituents to vote on a referendum for preservation within a community, and at the end of February in the EU and London have agreed on new terms of Britain's membership in the EU.

This plan provides for emergency measures to limit the rights of migrants from EU countries to receive social benefits within four years from the moment they get a job. Benefits for children of migrants remaining in the EU, will be paid on a scale based on the cost of living in these countries. In the EU treaties amended, which says that all indications of the need to strengthen the integration within the EU do not belong to Britain — London refuses further political integration with the EU.